//Bandipur – Queen Of Hills
Bandipur - Queen of hills

Bandipur – Queen Of Hills

Bandipur is a town, located in the Tanahun district of Nepal. This wonderful tourist destination is the perfect blend of scenic beauty, culture, classical architecture, and many more. 

When I stepped into the main streets of Bandipur, It took me back to the 90s of Europe. Among the several places I have traveled to in Nepal, but still, I should say Bandipur has given me the most unique travel experience ever. Here, I will explain how.

Getting to Bandipur

The distance from Kathmandu to Bandipur is just 143 kilometers, which you can reach via Prithivi Highway in around 4 hours of drive. One way is to catch a local transport which goes to Pokhara or either you can choose to hire a taxi or a personal cab. A motorbike also can also be the best alternative to reach there. 

Main Attractions Of Bandipur

1. Bandipur Bazaar

The main street of Bandipur town is the main attraction of Bandipur. It will literally take you back to the 90s of Europe. Classical heritage European architecture mixed with Newari architecture will make you feel you are not in Nepal for a while. Of course, this place will be perfect for photos for your Instagram feed. 

2. Khadga Mai Temple

Khadga Mai Temple

This temple holds religious and historical values. Its located at the end of the main street of Bandipur. According to history during the unification of Nepal when King Prithivi Narayan Shan attacked King Mukunda Sen While running to seek renunciation in dev ghat in the same place king Mukunda Sen handed over his sword to a woman. The same sword is worshipped as the weapon of goddess Durga in this Temple. (Considering that woman as a goddess.)

3. Thani Mai Temple

Thani Mai Temple

Located at the highest point in Bandipur, this is the best viewpoint of this place. The only way to reach here is by hiking which will take you around 20 minutes of a hike from the town. It offers you the Arial view of the whole village and neighboring hills of Gorkha and Chimkeshori hill. Its best known for its magnificent sunset and sunrise view.

4. Tudikhel

View of Himalayas from Tudikhel, Bandipur

10 mins of walk from Bandipur Bazaar will lead you to Tudikhel. This place is a wide-open field, which is also another viewpoint of Bandipur where you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Himalayas.

How is this place for couples?

Couple taking picture infront of Gaun Ghar  at Bandipur

The climate of Bandipur will add extra warmth to your relationship, the scenic beauty of nature will make you feel how lucky you are to have each other. The romantic town of Bandipur being full of chilling architecture makes it one of the best honeymoon destinations of Nepal.

Where to stay at Bandipur?

The heritage buildings turned into hotels will take you back in time. However, there are newly opened guesthouses and homestays which are comparatively cheaper. 

There were many hotels nearby and we were very confused about where to stay. At a right time, I met Manita. She was one of the daughters of the family-run Himchuli Guesthouse. She took us to her guest house and showed us the rooms. The rooms were trendy so we decided to stay there. The staff who were all the family members made us feel that we were staying in the house of somebody own. The budget guest house had every facility that a traveler seeks for. 

Culture and People

Basically, this is a Newari town established by Newari traders of Bhaktapur back in the 90s. So, the culture and traditions are very identical to the Newars of Kathmandu valley. People are very welcoming, we can find hospitality in their blood.

Nearby Travel Destinations

  1. Bandipur to Pokhara – 78kms
  2. Bandipur to Gorkha- 55kms
  3. Bandipur to Manungkot– 30kms

In the end, Moments don’t last long but memories do and, Bandipur is the best place to make memories. Well Said, “Queen Of Hills-Bandipur.

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